Common Camp Questions

How much yardage do you do?

Great question, but tough answer. The answer is it a little different for each camper.  We take a look at their coach questionnaire to see what they've done in the past, work with their coach here to create appropriate workouts and challenges for them.  Most swimmers go from 1500-5000 in the morning (like we said, tough question).  In the afternoons they will typically go 1,000-2,000.

BUT - we're not afraid of yardage and don't want your child to be either.  Wednesday afternoon is our distance challenge.  Each swimmer gets to choose a distance - 500 - 1000 or 1650 to swim for time.  We can't tell you the number of kids who have gone their first 500 or first mile. Once a 10-year old touches the wall on lap #66 and hears the cheers from the camp, every other challenge seems a lot easier.

Food Allergies

Sodexho, our food service provider is well-prepared to handle individual's food allergies.  Brian Smoko, our Director of Food Service recently explained to a prospective camp parent: We handle a variety of food allergies during the year.  Depending on the case we handle this issue in a several ways. With your case we will eliminate all peanuts from the Dining Commons facility for the period your child is at camp. We will also make, at each meal, a menu item separately.  We would like, before the first meal, sit and discuss our process at each meal as well as meet our Team.

Typical Day

Here is an outline of our general schedule
  2:00 Camp Check-In
Mini-practice & Evaluation Swim

  5:00 Dinner With Coaches
  6:30 Group Introductions
  8:30 Dorm Meeting
  9:45 Brush & Flush
10:00 Lights Out

  7:00 Rise & Shine
  7:15 Breakfast
  8:00 Camp Talk
  9:00 Morning Practice   
          Including Video
10:45 Dryland Activity
12:00 Lunch
  1:30 Camp Time Trials
  2:30  Check-Out
  7:00 Rise & Shine
  7:15 Breakfast
  8:00 Camp Talk
  9:00 Morning Practice
Including Video
10:45 Dryland Activity
12:00 Lunch
  1:30 Individual  Stroke Critique
  2:30 Afternoon Practice
  • Challenge Set
  • Technique Topic
  • Skill Session
  5:00 Dinner
  7:00 Evening Activity
Day Campers
  7:45 Pick-Up
  4:45 Drop-Off

What is the typical age of campers?

Campers are typically aged 10 & Up.  In 2013 our average age was 12.8 years old.  Fully 1/3 of our camp were teenagers while our youngest (day) camper just eight years old. 

What's supervision like?   

Our coaches and counselors provide 24-hour supervision while your child is at camp.  Counselors (and some coaches) live in the residence halls with the campers.  Last year we had one staff member for every six campers. 

Camp itself is easy to supervise.  You can walk from the pool to the dining hall to the dorms and still make it back to the pool in just three minutes.

Do campers need to bring money?

You know, we used to have a little camp store, but we decided we're not in this to make money at every turn.  There are some vending machines available for between-meal snacks and the campus bookstore is right next door to the pool, but really there's no need for you to bring any money with you.   We'll occasionally sell Carthage Swimming t-shirts or swim caps, but we do that at check-out (i.e. when Mom & Dad are there.)