Coaches - If you have a swimmer attending camp this summer, please complete a brief Pre-Camp Evaluation.

The Camp for Coaches

Coach, do either of these sound familiar to you?
  • Scenario A: Your prize swimmer goes off to summer swim camp. A week later they come back - out of shape (or maybe overtrained and burned out). Every sentence begins with, "...but at camp, they taught us..." only to find out that what they learned was outdated or outright wrong.
  • Scenario B: You find yourself unable to change a swimmer's technique. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, video, on-land, in-water, you've tried it all, but the old habits continue. Then someone else - an assistant, another swimmer, or maybe a clinician - comes in, says the same thing and Viola! The swimmer makes the change?

Its no secret that many coaches are reluctant to have their swimmers attend a summer swim camp, and in many cases their fears are well-grounded. Our goal is to change that by creating an environment where your kids will be challenged to go beyond their own comfort zone and return home fitter, more excited, and having addressed their weaknesses.

To do this, we ask that each coach complete a Pre-Camp Evaluation on each swimmer attending a CollegeSwimming Camp. It's important because it allows us to focus on their needs. We also aim to provide you access to Video Feedback for your swimmers and are working to provide USS Observation for our end-of-week time trials so that you can use their times for qualifying purposes.

Preferred Camp Program

This program seeks to reward teams that trust CollegeSwimming Camps to work with their kids for the week. Participating teams agree to identify CollegeSwimming Camps as their "Preferred Swim Camp" online and in team communications. In return, CollegeSwimming Camps donates $25-50 per swimmer to the team's fundraising efforts. To learn more, check out our Preferred Camp Introduction Letter and the  Preferred Camp Agreement